[Dr. Schwartzman’s] counsel has aided my physical, spiritual and emotional well being and taught me to look within myself for the real source of healing. It has been life-changing…– Jana C. –

I am a brand new woman. I’ve gone through a total transformation physically and emotionally… My transformation is so drastic…

Thank you, Dr. Schwartzman, for your listening ears. I look forward to the next chapter of my life with you as my mentor…– Abigail B. –

Dr. Schwartzman brings true meaning to the words “whole” and “wellness”. I originally went to see him as a physician, but in the time that we have worked together he has gently, but steadfastly encouraged me to explore an exciting and mysterious spiritual path of a completely different kind. – Catherine J. –

Dr. Schwartzman, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve spent years suffering … No one had been able to help me until I came to [Dr. Schwartzman]. I’m indebted, and almost in disbelief at how my life has changed.  – Renata B. –

Dr. Schwartzman…has been at my side as I transitioned from being almost incapacitated to living a full, busy, thriving life.  I have continued to see him on an ongoing basis…to address deeper and deeper layers… I am grateful for Dr. Schwartzman’s kind, compassionate, grace-filled care, and for the ways in which he has held space for me these past five years. – Jennifer S. –

I asked myself the question, “Can I stay open to the possibility of healing?” Answer was yes.Dr. Schwartzman, thanks for challenging me to stay open to more healing!
Thanks for challenging me, guiding me, and not allowing me to regress! – Becky C. –

Dr. Igor has arguably had one of the most enlightening influences on my life, in my life. I’m living a life richer in health than I knew possible. If you’re willing to look at your health from a whole perspective, Dr. Igor is the right fit for you. – Nicole –

What strikes me most about Dr. Schwartzman, is how I leave an appointment with so much more than I arrived with. His intuitiveness, compassion and knowledge are unlike any I’ve experienced. – Lisa J. –

Dr. Schwartzman has helped me to understand that taking care of oneself is beyond maintaining only physical health but also [is about] taking care of mental and spiritual health. He is easy to talk to, he listens carefully, and he takes time to answer any questions I have. – Susan –

For the last 14 years, I have suffered incessantly from IBS which has been an almost crippling experience in both my home and work life. For the first time in my life I feel like a normal person again. You first gave me hope which I believed in, you then gave me inspiration which I very much needed, and finally, you have given me back to my family. Thank you Dr. Schwartzman. -S.L.

Dr. Schwartzman, I feel as though you have lead me down a path of self discovery and self care that goes far beyond any practitioner’s care. Your warmth, compassion and knowledge are valued tremendously. Many thanks for all that you have done to help me on my journey to healing. – M.K. –

Without your guidance, counsel, and loving kindness, I would not have had the courage to step out and find my voice. I will always be grateful….you led me to find and become a better version of myself. – Rebekah –

I appreciate your insights, compassionate listening, and presence. I couldn’t be more grateful that you’ve been on my team! – Anna –

Dr. Schwartzman, its been one year and I wanted you to know that I’m doing well. I’m feeling strong, my sleep is amazing and I remain medication & symptom free!

Thanks for all your guidance and healing in the process of my recovery. Please share with [other people] that it is possible to rejuvenate & thrive and that they are in good hands with you! – JillMarie –

Thank you again… I’m grateful for you.  You were the first that actually listened to me, my health (mentally and physically) has improved dramatically.  – Greta T. –

I can’t thank you enough for helping me feel well again. I owe a gratitude of thanks to Dr Schwartzman. He is so many things wrapped up in one. Amazing, always positive, genuinely cares… My only regret is I didn’t know about him sooner. – Gwen S. –

More than anything, I feel Dr. Schwartzman helped me regain a perspective on my life that I had sadly lost in the rat race of my working life. I am so very grateful for all of his support in finding this new and improved balance in my life. – Christine D. –

When I originally met with Dr. Schwartzman…I was completely overwhelmed. With his gentle guidance and wisdom, I was able to make the necessary changes. It was not an easy or short road, but the end result was worth it. I can’t thank him enough for all of his patience and listening through a very difficult time in my life. Dr. Schwartzman is still my primary source of support and self-care! – Anne –

Welcoming, warm, and fully present, he is committed to accompany me on the journey of wellness.  – L.H. –

Dr. Schwartzman has made a huge impact on my overall health and well-being. He is very intuitive and you can tell he really cares… My energy levels have increased exponentially since I started being treated by him. I’m so thankful!  – Jessica V. –

Dr. Schwartzman, thank you for always being a great listener and helping me to hear my own inner guidance! – Jessica N. –

I am more and more aware of how my stress level is, most likely, the main contributing factor. So I am and will continue to work on those areas with diet, behavior modification and spiritual support.

I have already learned a lot since first seeing you. Thank you for the help you given me so far! – Karen W. –

I’m liking the gratitude & uplift assignment. Much nicer to bring myself into positive thinking!

Thank you Dr Igor, you are simply amazing! – Rebecca U. –

From my first appointment with Dr. Schwartzman … I never felt rushed in our sessions, but instead he took the time to uncover avenues I’ve never explored or thought of before. He was extremely patient as I explained my feelings and thoughts…that always left me leaving with an abundance of options and thoughts until our next appointment.

I have always felt in really good hands with Dr. Schwartzman and I could not recommend him enough to anyone for anything body, mind or soul related – Claire S. –

Thank you for always being a great listener! – Marianne N. –

I am very grateful for the care that I have received and all of the help that you have given me. My health is much better. You have a wonderful practice and I’m glad for the time that I had there.

Again, thank you for your service and helping me with my health. – C. D. 

…feel better than I can remember feeling in years. I have experienced a significant increase in energy and well-being and I feel that my health is being restored. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Dr. Schwartzman and I would highly recommend him! -H.W.

I benefited more than I thought possible. I have little to no pain. I have a lot more energy, better moods, and sleep. I am better equipped to handle my everyday stress. Thank you Dr. Schwartzman, I am grateful for everything that you do! -A.L.