"We can not medicate ourselves into a place of true well-being. – Dr. Igor Schwartzman"


Natural Hormone Treatment

When the hormone system is in balance it runs like a “well-oiled machine”. Not exactly. But when your hormones are in balance, you are full of energy, have good moods, a healthy appetite and digestion, you are full of life!

Thyroid and Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is the loss of the integrity of the immune system, which causes the destruction of different tissues and organ systems in the body. It is as though you are “allergic to yourself”.

Beyond Medicine

There is an epidemic of overhwelm that is all around. Are you more depressed, anxious, lacking energy, unable to sleep, having pain, and more? Having tried a lot of things, including natural remedies, or medications and still feeling unwell? Beyond medicine is an approach to help you harness your own ‘inner-medicine’ that is essential to your long-term healing.