Our Process

Our Process

You can expect that your journey towards health and wellness will occur in stages.  So from the very beginning, our team of naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists will work together to create a clear plan and vision of your health goals and ways to help you achieve them. …

We are dedicated to work collaboratively to provide you with the most comprehensive health care.

Preparation for your initial visit:

  • Gather any past medical records and/or labs that you have had done.
  • Request access to our clinic’s Patient Health Portal.  This will allow you to fill out your initial health history and questionnaire, as well as fill out the necessary documentation in order to become a patient at our clinic.  Patient Health Portal will also allow you to stay connected with your healthcare provider, make updates to your health history, as well as keep track of your treatments and recommendations.
  • Make sure to fill out our comprehensive health questionnaire before your initial visit, or arrive at least 30-40 minutes before your first appointment.   This questionnaire is an opportunity for us to gather as much pertinent information about you as possible for your first visit.

Your initial appointment:

  • This time is all about you.
  • The goal of your initial visit is for us to gather all of the pertinent information about your current and past medical history, as well as discuss how it relates to your current health issues.
  • Be prepared to spend between 60-120 minutes for your first visit.  The length of time that you spend with your healthcare provider depends on the complexity of your condition.  Also, we like to offer you enough time to address all of your immediate questions, and discuss any of your past medical records and/or labs
    • Your first visit with our naturopathic physicians usually includes any pertinent physical exams, lab recommendations, and the initial treatment guidelines
    • Your first visit with our acupuncturists usually includes your Chinese medical assessments, as well as your first treatment nutritional needs/requirements
    • Your first visit with our nutritional therapist usually includes your dietary assessment and evaluation, the discussion of nutritional requirements, and the initial set of recommendations
  • At the end of your first visit, you will leave with a concrete set of initial steps and recommendations that will apply specifically to you.  This may include specific labs or additional testing, nutritional recommendations, series of treatments, referrals if needed, or a short-term plan for your health issue(s).

Your second appointment:

  • Your follow up visit will combine any pertinent clinical findings, labs or testing that we may have done since the first visit, and our overall interpretation and assessment and how it relates directly to you.
  • You will receive our report of findings that will include a specific plan of treatment recommendations, additional testing as needed, as well as a recommended course of treatments.
  • This visit is an opportunity for you to bring back any questions that may have come up since the initial appointment with us.
  • We often encourage you to bring a friend, a spouse, or any person close to you who will be most supportive for you along this process.  This way you both have a clear idea of what this health process specifically entails and how to best support you.

Your subsequent appointments:

  • Every appointment that you attend is combined of a specific treatment(s), education, and assessment of your health goals.
  • The goal is to keep both your short- and long-term goals and the steps that you need to achieve them along the way.  We will re-assess and re-evaluate you and your health process along the way.
  • Our goal for every one of your visits is to support, educate, and inspire you to achieve your vision of health.