Remote Consultations with Dr. Igor Schwartzman

Dr. Igor Schwartzman Portland Hashimoto's Specialist

If you are looking for another perspective, an educational consultation, review of your labs, or recommendations you are able to do that from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.

Dr. Schwartzman offers remote and virtual telehealth consultations.

This consultation is not intended to:
  • diagnose or treat any disease or condition
  • manage your health care
  • provide medical services, or prescriptions
  • initiate a doctor-patient relationship
The goal of the remote educational consultation is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. The information discussed is in no way intended to replace the information provided by one’s doctor(s).  I understand that no portion of any consultation is to be interpreted as diagnosis or treatment of anyone or anything.
Your primary care physician and/or other doctors should always be regarded as a primary source of information about diagnosis, treatment, prescription drugs, and medical conditions.
  • Payment for all services is due at the time of your consultation.
  • Costs range ($225 – $475) and depends on the time requested.


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