"At Whole Family Wellness Center, we have a strong emphasis on hormone health, natural fertility, thyroid and autoimmune disorders. "

Natural Hormone Treatment

Your hormones make deep, meaningful music on a daily basis, each one playing over the other. Together, every 24 hours they cover a number of functions including your metabolism, temperature regulation, growth, cellular repair and regeneration, reproductive system control, sleep, mood, energy and appetite, to name a few.

Natural Fertility

Many years of emotional stress, lack of sleep, overwork, improper diet and lifestyle, and chronic health issues all play a major role in disharmonies related to fertility. Our functional fertility diagnostics and testing, can help further identify the underlying causes in women (or, men) with an established diagnosis or with unexplained fertility issues.

What is Thyroid and Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease is the loss of the integrity of the immune system, which causes the destruction of different tissues and organ systems in the body. It is as though you are “allergic to yourself”.